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Wilko Bulte wb at freebie.xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 18 12:58:11 UTC 2008

Quoting Jo Rhett, who wrote on Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 09:25:27PM -0700 ..
> On Sep 17, 2008, at 4:33 PM, Robert Watson wrote:
> > An important factor is whether or not we consider the release a  
> > highly maintainable release, and while we have intuitions at the  
> > time of release, that's something we can only learn in the first  
> > couple of months after it's in production.  I don't know of any COTS  
> > software house that really does it any differently
> I understand what you mean, but the statement is blatantly false as  
> stated.  Anyone selling software to the US Government *must* specify  
> (or meet, depending) a minimum support period, and must also specify a  
> cost the agency can pay to extend the support period.
> Not relevant to FreeBSD -- just qualifying the statement as it  
> stands.  For the obvious comparison, Solaris versions have well- 
> published release and support periods, usually upwards of 8 years.   
> Obviously they have more resources to do this, I'm just pointing out  
> that the statement you made is incorrect as stated.
> > and I'm not sure you could do it differently -- no one plans to ship  
> > a lemon, but once in a while you discover that things don't go as  
> > planned.
> I am amazed at the preposterously large elephant in the room that none  
> of you are willing to address.  Watching each of you dance around it  
> would be terribly funny if it didn't affect my job so badly.  (and if  
> I wasn't going to have to bail on FreeBSD and go to some crap form of  
> Linux because the FreeBSD developers appear to be unwilling to  
> consider the idea of getting more help)

You seem to be *demanding* quite a lot lately.


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