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Andrew Snow andrew at modulus.org
Tue Sep 16 06:47:24 UTC 2008

Jo Rhett wrote:
> Because frankly we're going to be forced to run our own internal 
> release management process instead.
> I guess this is not surprising, as this appears to be what every other 
> business using significant amounts of freebsd in production are doing 
> today.

I'm afraid you've hit the nail on the head.  Stable, Current, these 
words mean nothing to me anymore, I'm using 8-CURRENT to get stable ZFS 
with the ata driver from 7 (because 8's doesn't work), and the old BTX 
loader because the new one locks up on all my newer hardware.

Then there's the bag of patches I am now carrying around from release to 
release, some for bug fixes and some for feature enhancements, none of 
which are in the base system for whatever reason.

I think FreeBSD is getting in a difficult position now because there's 
so much cool new stuff being shoe-horned in, but without the necessary 
volume of contributors to back it up with testing and bug fixes.

There's some truth to what you say, in that I would love to be directly 
contributing to the FreeBSD effort but instead I feel I'm running around 
putting out little fires all the time.  Plus this era of 4 to 8 CPU 
cores has meant I am seeing bugs that are difficult to pin down and only 
occur under production load.

- Andrew

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