Any working ichsmb(4) platforms out there?

Jonathan Belson jon at
Fri Sep 12 19:01:31 UTC 2008

Bruce M Simpson wrote:
> Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>> I'm trying my best to make things better, doing things purely from a
>> userland perspective and using SMBus exclusively (since the interface is
>> quite reliable, assuming the SMBus driver used on FreeBSD is working
>> correctly).  I understand-- Bruce is having problems with ichsmb(4),
>> while on every ICH7 board I have (and I have many), I've had nothing but
>> success.  All of bsdhwmon's main development has been done on ICH7
>> boards I use and have physical access to, for example.

I have a Dell PowerEdge SC440 here and I'm not having much luck with smbmsg:

# smbmsg -p
Probing for devices on /dev/smb0:

[ lots and lots of 'ichsmb0: device timeout, status=0x41' ]

As far as I can see, I've got all the relevant devices built into the kernel 
(from kldstat -v: ichsmb/smbus, pci/ichsmb, iicbus/iicsmb, smbus/smb, 
intsmb/smbus, pci/intsmb).

This is a Dell-branded motherboard, so I've no idea what it's based on.

The boot message shows 'ichsmb0: <Intel 82801GB (ICH7) SMBus controller>'.



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