alpm(4) I/O range is claimed by ACPI

Jeremy Chadwick koitsu at
Fri Sep 12 06:53:45 UTC 2008

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 03:14:46PM +0100, Bruce M Simpson wrote:
> Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>> ...
>> Might mention this to jhb@ to see if it's related to the SMBus changes
>> made 1.5 years ago:
> Thanks for the pointers. The other reports sound like duplicate reports  
> of the same issue.
> I'm not sure that backing out the last change is going to help. The BIOS  
> has generally set up the I/O resource before FreeBSD boots; the  
> bus_set_resource() call might only be useful in those cases where that  
> hasn't happened.
> In any event, in alpm_attach(), the rman is going to notice that the bus  
> space is already allocated by acpi(4), and will balk.
> I'm sure there has been some kind of override mechanism in place for  
> certain other drivers; but they seem to boil down to using an ACPI  
> attachment of some kind, which won't work here as alpm(4) is a PCI  
> function and needs to attach to the pcib parent.
> It would be really, really useful to have working SMBus drivers right  
> now on a machine I can actually touch...

Interesting timing -- Toshikazu Kaho just reported the same issue with
alpm(4) today:

I've CC'd him, as he's probably unaware of this already-existing thread.

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