Long delays for USB realbtx boot

Bruce M Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Thu Sep 11 23:26:03 UTC 2008

Eugene Grosbein wrote:
> For me, it helps to include these knobs to Nano config file:
> BOOT_MBR_FLAGS=0x0                                                                                                       
> ...
> '

I added this to the CONF_WORLD in my config file. Unfortunately this 
seems to break USB boot completely for me.

When I attempt to boot the USB flash device on the AH-1, the 1 minute 
delay still exists. The messages "No /boot/loader" and "No 
/boot/kernel/kernel" are printed, and the image does not boot -- it sits 
at the "FreeBSD/i386 boot" prompt. It does however see the files at the 
top of the root filesystem, it just refuses to boot further.

The device has less than 1023 cylinders, so the restrictions which would 
make EDD/packet mode necessary should not apply, and I would have 
thought that your workaround would work.

I am using "USB-HDD" style geometry at the moment (255/63/cc), not 
"USB-ZIP" (64/32/cc). Would that make a difference?

What's interesting is that "camcontrol modepage da0 -m 0x05" returns a 
different geometry from that reported by the BIOS:
Transfer rate:  61440
Number of heads:  16
Sectors per track:  32
Data bytes per sector:  512
Number of cylinders:  3816
Starting cylinder-write precompensation:  0
Starting cylinder-reduced write current:  0
Drive step rate:  0
Drive step pulse width:  0
Head settle delay:  0
Motor on delay:  0
Motor off delay:  0
TRDY:  0
SSN:  0
MO:  0
SPC:  0
Write Compensation:  0
Head load delay:  0
Head unload delay:  0
Pin 34:  0
Pin 2:  0
Pin 4:  0
Pin 1:  0
Medium rotation rate:  0


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