viapm(4) does not see VT8237A on Gigabyte GA-VM900M

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Thu Sep 11 15:10:45 UTC 2008

Bruce M Simpson wrote:
> Does anyone have ichsmb(4) actually seeing SMBus devices?
> e.g. you run "smbmsg -p" on your FreeBSD-STABLE system and see something.
    I just tried to port over some of the hardware IDs from OpenBSD 
4.3's viapm(4) driver to the driver in 6.3-RELEASE, as I really need to 
see what working SMBus support looks like in a FreeBSD system.

    Unfortunately the driver wouldn't attach. It looks like isab already 
claims the ISA bridge.  Is there any trick I can use to get viapm to 
attach to the ISA bridge controller, without breaking the ISA bus bridge 

    I am using a Gigabyte GA-VM900M board.


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