Intel ICH7 SMBus support, ichsmb(4)

Michael Butler imb at
Thu Sep 11 14:41:06 UTC 2008

Bruce M. Simpson wrote:
> Miroslav Lachman wrote:
>> Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>>> I suppose a lot of these could be addressed if I released the code in a
>>> preliminary fashion (providing folks the ability to help me with
>>> documentation, etc.). Hmm... Yeah, I should really get a beta tarball
>>> up, and/or make a FreeBSD port for it already (since I am a ports
>>> committer).
> My suggestion would be to make the code available using a Mercurial
> repository. People are then free to participate and send diffs as they
> see fit, and they can do so very easily. The learning curve for the
> tool is reasonable.
> I'd also recommend if you need some hosting for a
> public repo.
What would prevent this being accepted as a loadable module built (by
user request) out of the ports tree in much the same manner as kqemu et al.?


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