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Sun Sep 7 06:23:42 UTC 2008

At Sat, 06 Sep 2008 04:20:58 -0700,
Xin LI <delphij at> wrote:
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> annona2 at wrote:
> > Hello.
> > I have an idea that, in FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE, the code of freebsd-update
> > is included.
> > If SA is announced, it would be nice.
> > When so, iso-image is still 7.1-RELEASE not 7.1-RELEASE-p1.
> > So, if someone intend to install 7.1-RELEASE, and if network is coonnected,
> > the installer runs the freebsd-update script and it will be secure install.
> > Please take this idea into account.
> Perhaps a nightly script (i.e. 350.freebsd-update which basically do
> freebsd-update cron) would be better, as it ?  Note that we can even
> make the script configurable to install and reboot system.
> Also, I always wish that the official installation disc to ship with a
> portsnap tarball which included the snapshot at the tagged time, instead
> of just do a tarball of export of CVS ports/, and use portsnap instead.
>  This will make the first time portsnap execution much less painful.
> Another idea is to ship /var/db/mergemaster.mtree with the installation.
> Cheers,
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Thank you for your response. I understood it.


Gen Otsuji <annona2 at>

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