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Sun Sep 7 01:06:58 UTC 2008

On Sat, Sep 06, 2008 at 05:50:36PM -0700, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> It appears Linux got support for the 88E8040 in September 2007 (revision
> 1.2.73).  Support for the 88E8040T was added in June 2008 (revision
> 1.330.1.3).
> The 1.2.73 commit also added support for the 88E8048 and the 88E8070.
> This might be of great help in tracking down just what register tweaks
> they added to get support working:

The Linux folks refer to these chips as "FE+".  The below URL shows
quite a lot of commits for FE+ stuff, as well as documentation of actual
hardware bugs on some revisions of those chips.

CSet revisions worth looking at (clicking the revision string will take
you to a page allowing annotation and diffs, which is helpful):

CSet 1.6247.61.6  -- initial support for FE+ chips
CSet 1.6247.61.21 -- fix for PHY initialisation in FE+ chips
CSet 1.6247.96.1  -- fix for recv status hardware bug in FE+ chips
CSet 1.6247.96.2  -- disable VLAN acceleration for FE+ chips (status reg. unreliable)
CSet 1.7736       -- disable dynamic Tx watermark support on FE+ chips

A lot of these commits are for hardware revision A0 of certain FE+
chips; looks like rev. A0 has a lot of bugs.  Yong-Hyeon might be
interested in the PHY initialisation fix, since I can imagine that could
affect link negotiation.

The first CSet in the above list has the following comment.  Note the
part about "hardware evaluation boards":

"Add support for newest Marvell chips.  The Yukon FE plus chip is found
in some not yet released laptops.  Tested on hardware evaluation

It appears to me even the Linux guys couldn't get hardware for these
chips, without talking to Marvell directly.

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