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Fri Sep 5 11:41:36 UTC 2008

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From: Kai Otto <kais.deliverymail at googlemail.com>
Date: 2008/9/5
Subject: Re: FreeBSD 7.1 Content
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I think someone mentioned it earlier, but I'm not shure.
IMHO it would _be_ nice if there's a HTML-browser in the standard
installation (with option to not install it in sysinstall).
I say HTML and not web because I think about the /usr/share/doc
.html-documentation. If someone really has no Internet-connection as
mentioned before he/she isn't able to read the handbook, which IMHO is a
very important part of FreeBSD. There are great manpages and exaple files,
but the best explanations are in the handbook.

Optional, the motd could tell the interested newbie how he/she can start
reading the handbook. At the moment, the standard motd explains how to learn
about manpages ('man man') and how to learn about the disklayout ('man
hier') that's just great.
An other way would be adding a hint to the shipped htmlbrowser (eg. lynx)
and it's initialisation with the handbook to the hier manpage.
I don't know if thats to 'deep hidden'.

An other thing was the problem with the outdated packages on the discset and
the people who need it because the 'target pc' for the install has no (or
only slow) internetconnection. I think this is already solved: People
needing up-to-date packages/ports can use the 'bootonly' iso-images and
download the complete installation from a local or internet server. The
other people can use the not-100%-up-to-date packages on the discset.

Greets, Kai

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