boot failed after make installkernel from 6.3-RELEASE to 7.0-RELEASE

Bartosz Stec admin at
Fri Sep 5 06:22:54 UTC 2008

Chih Liang pisze:
> Miroslav Lachman wrote:
>> What is your hardware setup? (post dmesg)
>> I have bad experience with some old PC with nForce 2 chipset. This 
>> machine is unbootable with 7.x kernel, so I am using it with 6.3. (it 
>> can't boot even from 7.x CD)
>> Miroslav Lachman
> I've tried to boot with 7.0 CD, it hung again...then I reboot with 
> ACPI disabled, it could be boot but said can't find the disk. So I 
> think this PC maybe with too old chipset.
> Anyway, thanks a lot. 

Well, it's VIA chipset you have, not nForce2 - <VIA 82C8363 (Apollo 
KT133x/KM133) host to PCI bridge>. And it's not too old to run 7.0 as 
far as I know. It's strange that kernel has some problem with your 
hardware. Maybe you have buggy BIOS? Try to update to newest one and/or 
at least load BIOS safe-defaults. Then you should try to boot with and 
without ACPI enabled. Adding the following line to /boot/device.hints:


may help if your system won't boot with ACPI enabled.

Don't give up yet! :)

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