How to disable NFS fnctl in /etc/fstab?

Ben C. O. Grimm Ben.Grimm at
Thu Sep 4 17:00:01 UTC 2008

Tim Chen wrote:
> For some reason we want to disable fnctl lock for NFS
> mounted partition. We can achieve this by the following
> command: mount_nfs -T -L server:/home /mnt
> However after several time of failure tests, we still
> can not make it work in /etc/fstab.
> server:/home /mnt nfs rw,tcp 0 0
> It seems there is no coresponding options in /etc/fstab
> so that I can disable fnctl lock for NFS. If we can not
> set it right in /etc/fstab, every time the machine reboot
> requires human intervention to mount the partition manually.
> It is very annoying and inconvenient.
> Please give us some suggestion and hint to solve this situation.

I see some references to 'nolock' here and there, but YMMV.

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