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Thu Sep 4 08:54:28 UTC 2008

On 2008-Sep-03 15:53:30 -0600, Dan Allen <danallen46 at> wrote:
>I see.  I was thinking of FreeBSD 7.0 whose disc1 is 509 MB in size,  
>leaving almost 200 MB free for a standard 700 MB CD.

I missed that the disc layous have been rearranged and disc1 is now
somewhat emptier than when I last looked.  However, you've missed a
few points as well:
1) Currently, the contents of each disk is the same on each architecture.
   Changing this is possible but would be very confusing to users.
   sparc64 appears to be the largest and disk1 is over 600MB.
2) Traditionally, the ISO images have been sized to fit on 650MB CD-RWs.
   Maybe this should be revisited but during a release freeze is not
   the right time for that.
3) It's desirable to leave some slack so that a slight size increase in
   the final builds doesn't necessitate re-working the CD layouts.

>Ubuntu 8.04 has room for [the kitchen sink]

For most architectures, disc1 includes a live filesystem.  This is
very useful for recovery purposes.  Since FreeBSD does not include
cloop or similar compressed FS support, this takes a fair amount of
space.  And you've already pointed out that disc1 includes sources
(which you want to keep).

>Here is a quick list (not exhaustive or definitive) of the libraries  
>that Firefox 3.0 requires, and their sizes in bytes:

Note that you need to include the space needed by the packages for all
the FF3 dependencies, not just the shared libraries.

>These total 27696575 bytes or 26.4 MB.

Including the full list of runtime dependencies, FF3 needs 120 packages,
totalling 89MB (already bzip'd) on i386.

Peter Jeremy
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