FreeBSD 7.1 Content

Gavin Atkinson gavin at
Wed Sep 3 21:16:32 UTC 2008

On Wed, 3 Sep 2008, Dan Allen wrote:

> Also, and I am sure I am not the only one with one of these, my new $500 Dell 
> Inspiron 1525 is not supported well by BSD RELENG_7: the Intel 4965 wireless 
> and the Marvell 88E80xx Ethernet are both NOT supported so I have a great new 
> laptop which cannot connect to the outside world with BSD.  :-(  Ubuntu 
> supports these and lots more.

There is support for the Intel 4965 in HEAD, with the iwn(4) driver.  I 
don't know how likely this is to be merged before 7.1, but I suspect if 
people test it and confirms that it works for them, it may be possible. 
As for the 88E80xx, it probably depends exaclty which chipset you are 
talking about. Several are already supported with the msk(4) driver, have 
you tried it?  If that doesn't work, the output of "pciconf -l" will be 
necessary before there's any chance of helping.


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