Is it safe to delete /bin/[ && /usr/bin/false?

chris# at chris# at
Tue Sep 2 17:49:52 UTC 2008

Well, I en devoured to install a copy of 7 as an effort to upgrade
one of our servers. After installing a few ports, I began to notice:
[: -le: argument expected messages being emitted during the configure/make
process. I've already invested a fair amount of time on this upgrade,
and /really/ don't want to wipe the disk(s) and start all over. This
issue is not new to me - see thread:[: -le: argument expected for details.
But I have /yet/ to discover a solution. When I started the upgrade (install),
I had an /etc/make.conf. Thinking that this might be the culprit when
these messages starting to appear, I looked it over for possible typos.
The only possible issue I could see was the reference to databases/mysql:
.if ${.CURDIR:M*/databases/mysql*}
NOTE the YES | NO, as opposed to TRUE | FALSE. I changed them to true v false.
But I have already built MySQL with the YES | NO. Could this be the issue?
Source(s) cvsupped 08-09-01

Thank you for all your time and consideration.


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