nVidia driver update today: renders X11 unusable

Ben C. O. Grimm freebsd-stable at bengrimm.net
Tue Sep 2 13:23:40 UTC 2008

O. Hartmann wrote:

> Well, everything with a transparency, as you stated above, seems to be 
> broken, reading Email is a horror, most web sites are rendered broken in 
> Firefox 3. Luckily, within xterm everthing is ok.
> I recompiled xorg and my windowmanager, no effect. Even xdm shows up 
> with black bars were normally 'LOGIN:' and 'PASSWORD:' shows up ...
> Is there a solution? The situation is serious ...

Back out of the upgrade, back to the previous version? The current 
_binary_ package is still the old version, so you could try to 
force-install that one (e.g. by using "portupgrade -fPP 
xf86-video-nv-2.1.11") until the port gets fixed, I guess. Haven't tried 
this (haven't upgraded yet), but it should revert your upgrade and get 
you up and running for now (but ymmv).

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