Anyone else seeing make release failing?

Lawrence Farr freebsd-stable at
Mon Sep 1 17:00:03 UTC 2008

I build releases nightly, and have been getting


+ shift
+ FSLABEL=minimum3
+ shift
+ [ 4320 -eq 0 -a minimum3 = auto ]
+ rm -f /R/stage/mfsroot/mfsroot
+ dd of=/R/stage/mfsroot/mfsroot if=/dev/zero count=4320 bs=1k uname -r 
+ [ -f /R/stage/trees/base/boot/boot ] BOOT=-B -b 
+ /R/stage/trees/base/boot/boot dofs_md [ x != x ] mdconfig -a -t vnode 
+ -f /R/stage/mfsroot/mfsroot
mdconfig: failed to load geom_md module: No such file or directory
+ umount /dev

For a few days now. The module exists, but refuses to load, as I guess
it's already in Generic?

kldload: can't load geom_md: File exists

Do I just need a newer -STABLE than FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE #1: Mon Mar 17
13:20:41 GMT 2008?

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