Regression 7.0R -> 7-stable?

Gerrit Kühn gerrit at
Fri Oct 31 04:02:12 PDT 2008

On Tue, 14 Oct 2008 13:12:04 -0400 John Baldwin <jhb at> wrote
about Re: Regression 7.0R -> 7-stable?:


I'm back. Sorry for taking so long with the answer, but I had some
holidays and needed to catch up with lots of other things first.

JB> Are you sure you aren't using dual consoles somehow with serial being
JB> primary? If you break into the loader, what does 'show console' show?

Just "vidconsole".

JB> > As I am seeing this only with the ULE-scheduler: Is the scheduler
JB> > already in action at this point, and may the hang depend on what it
JB> > is deciding to do?

JB> Hmmm, I'm really not sure.  I wonder if you are having some sort of
JB> interrupt storm.  What if you disable SMP via 'kern.smp.disabled=1' in
JB> the loader, does that help at all?

Yes, boots up fine with that setting (but naturally running on only one


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