src/lib/libc/stdlib/grantpt.c commit broke sshd

Ed Schouten ed at
Tue Oct 28 10:21:17 PDT 2008

Hello Josh,

The commits I made two days ago were a little tricky. I made some
modifications to libc and libutil at the same time. Unfortunately, due
to a small case of API misuse in libutil, I couldn't keep older versions
of libutil compatible with the new version of libc.

Below is a small table with libutil vs libc versions:

		      | libutil <= 26/10 | libutil >  26/10 |
	libc <= 26/10 | Works            | Works            |
	libc >  26/10 | Doesn't work     | Works            |

I suspect you are running a new libc, but forgot to update libutil to
the latest version as well. Keep in mind that such a setup is not really

Ah, right after I finished typing this message, Wesley Shields mentioned
an older version of libutil was indeed your problem. Well, to others out
there experiencing the same problem: make sure you update libutil as
well. Thanks!

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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