easy way to upgrade from 6.3 to 7.1 (including port packages)

Torfinn Ingolfsen torfinn.ingolfsen at broadpark.no
Mon Oct 27 13:14:11 PDT 2008

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008 19:26:03 +0100
martinko <gamato at users.sf.net> wrote:

> I'd like a more general purpose utility, be it mergemaster or sth
> else. I like the way mergemaster works but I'd like to use it not
> only for /etc (after make) -- I'd like to point it to my backup
> directory which doesn't contain all of /etc and compare the files it
> finds with those in /etc.  Or point it to arbitrary 2 directories and
> compare their files.

This is getting a bit OT, but kind of like dirdiff[1]?

1) http://www.freshports.org/sysutils/dirdiff/
Torfinn Ingolfsen

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