Short SMART check causes disk op timeouts

martinko gamato at
Mon Oct 27 11:52:21 PDT 2008

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>>>> Now, does the timeout cause loss of any data? Is there anything besides
>>>> disabling the testing that I can do about it?
>>> Do you understand what short and long offline tests actually do and what
>>> they're used for?  :-)  If so, you'd know that running them periodically
>>> is more or less silly (IMHO).
>> I do not, not completely :) I think I have just copied the settings from
>> somewhere and only just tweaked it a bit whenever I have added a disk.
> Let me know if you figure out who or what online resource solicited
> adding daily short/long tests, as I'd like to talk to them about their
> decision.  I have a feeling whoever thought it up felt that the tests
> were performing entire sector scans of the entire disk, which is simply
> not the case.


Reading this thread I checked my config to find this: ;-)

#/dev/ad0 -a -n standby,q -o on -S on -s (S/../.././02|L/../../7/03) -m 
root    # ++ 2006-11-03 mato
/dev/ad0 -a -o on -S on -s (S/../.././02|L/../../7/03) -m root  # ++ 
2006-11-03 mato

I believe I came up with the settings after reading manual page / 
documentation of the tool.



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