NAT-PT on FreeBSD (or something else)?

Eduardo Meyer dudu.meyer at
Sun Oct 26 07:18:37 PDT 2008


I want to start a migration education to IPv6, setting up my internal
network to be 100% ipv6-only. I dont want it to be dual stacked,
because I intend to force my team to perform only IPv6 related tools
on the internal network. However, when performing internet activity
like, reading e-mail or browsing the web, its impossible to avoid IPv4

I want them to be able to reach IPv4 network (internet) transparently.
When DNS resolve to IPv4, they will ask the gateway (ipv6, dual
stacked), who will put their v6 address in the v4 network.

How can I accomplish that? Is NAT-PT the only way? If so, how can I
get NAT-PT on FreeBSD?

Your opinion: do you think this approach can be used for end users? I
mean, someone with windows vista and teredo, is already getting IPv6
address since my FreeBSD is advertising it. However they are dual
stacked. I want people to be v6-only and still can visit v4 networks
transparently, without technical knowledge (say, my girlfriend who is
not a geek).

I guess this is a migration/education strategy, which I intend to
deploy, but right now I am only studying.

Will faith(4) do this for me?

Eduardo Meyer
pessoal: dudu.meyer at
profissional: ddm.farmaciap at

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