6.4 RC1 locks up solid on first reboot

Aragon Gouveia aragon at phat.za.net
Sat Oct 25 04:31:36 PDT 2008

| By Jeremy Chadwick <koitsu at FreeBSD.org>
|                                          [ 2008-10-25 10:09 +0200 ]
> Okay, so then the issue is probably with the bootloader in some bizarre
> way.  John might have some ideas, but I have none (outside of my skill
> set).
> Also, it might help if you could explain "enough key input" and "too
> many keypresses".  These are a little too vague.

Did a bit of experimenting now.  My system uses the boot0 boot manager.  I
can't reproduce the keypress freeze issue in any part of boot0, 1, or 2
stages.  It only becomes a problem when loader takes over.

Once loader takes over the system can freeze at any point if too many
keypresses are made at any point while loader is in control - at the
prompt, while it's busy pulling the kernel/modules off the disk, any time.

The actual amount of too many keypresses is seemingly random.  It can freeze
with just one keypress, or after the upteenth keypress - my record is about
25 keypresses without freezing. :)  Not a fun game if you're trying to use
the loader prompt.

At one point while I was testing now the display output went translucent
red when the system froze after some keypresses.  Strange huh?  I didn't
know transparency was supported in text mode. :)

> Anything is possible.  Can you please rebuild your system, and the
> bootstraps (and don't forget to install them; bsdlabel -B <slice>),
> without messing with optimisation flags?

Will do.

> I'm still having trouble understanding what you're talking about or
> why you're doing this.
> I *think* what you're trying to say is something like: "when my machine
> boots up, I don't like waiting 10 seconds at the Beastie/loader menu, so
> I hit Enter to skip the counterdown".  Please clarify.  :-)

You are correct.  I usually whack enter 3 times or so straight after BIOS
post to eliminate boot0's, boot2's, and loader's timeouts.


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