6.4 RC1 locks up solid on first reboot

Aragon Gouveia aragon at phat.za.net
Fri Oct 24 18:42:20 PDT 2008

| By Jeremy Chadwick <koitsu at FreeBSD.org>
|                                          [ 2008-10-25 03:22 +0200 ]
> > FWIW, I've had problems with 7.0's boot loader locking up too.  I'm running
> > a -stable compile from march and during bootup, if I make too many
> > keypresses the bootup sequence freezes.  Once loader has handed off to the
> > kernel then everything's fine, but I can't make any use of loader's or
> > bootX's command lines without the system freezing.  I'm careful not to touch
> > my keyboard during bootup!
> > 
> > Keyboard and mouse are both USB.
> There are known problems with some BIOSes and "USB Legacy" support.
> Said BIOS option allows a USB keyboard and mouse to be emulated as PS/2
> for operating systems which lack a USB stack, such as MS-DOS -- and more
> importantly, bootloaders!  The FreeBSD bootloader only understands
> AT/PS2 keyboards, which is why that BIOS option is needed.
> Can you confirm this problem happens when using a PS/2 keyboard?

Unfortunately, no luck.  I've just tried:

* USB and PS/2 keyboards both plugged in, enough key input on the PS/2
keyboard causes a freeze

* Just the PS/2 keyboard plugged in, no different.

* Just the PS/2 keyboard plugged in, and USB legacy disabled in the BIOS. 

Is it possible that excessive build optimisations could lead to this?  Last
time I rebuilt I did so with '-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing' and -march in
make.conf.  I've been meaning to try with a rebuilt loader with no

> P.S. -- Why are you slamming keys during the bootup sequence?  :-)

It's my workstation and I'm usually impatient to get through the bootup
sequence quickly. :)


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