ifconfig won't allow me to change ether address and inet address in the same command

John Hay jhay at meraka.org.za
Tue Oct 21 13:45:36 PDT 2008

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 04:48:50PM -0200, Eduardo Meyer wrote:
> Hello :)
> Please, follow:
> # ifconfig rl0 ether 00:02:4f:0a:ce:f3 inet netmask
> ifconfig: can't set link-level netmask or broadcast
> # ifconfig rl0 inet netmask ether 00:02:4f:0a:ce:f3
> ifconfig: ether: bad value
> # ifconfig rl0 inet netmask
> # ifconfig rl0 ether 00:02:4f:0a:ce:f3
> I ask you some help, how can I accomplish both tasks with rc_ng? In /etc/rc.conf
> ifconfig_rl0="inet netmask ether 00:02:4f:0a:ce:f3"
> Won't allow me to do what I want. Any suggestions? I would like like
> to edit /etc/rc.local and any other kind of "workaround". Can rc.conf
> issue ifconfig twice for the same nic?

What about:

ifconfig_rl0="ether 00:02:4f:0a:ce:f3"

John Hay -- John.Hay at meraka.csir.co.za / jhay at FreeBSD.org

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