linprocfs patch for RELENG_6_4 (to make flash9 work), please test!

Juergen Lock nox at
Wed Oct 15 14:07:23 PDT 2008


 I've updated the patch I've tested on 6.3 for 6.4 (only offsets differ),
if anyone can test it I can file a PR so it hopefully :) can be committed:
(same patch for 6.3:
) The original posting with the patch for RELENG_7 that I used is here:
You probably want the updated from in there too, its at
- as mentioned there you want to copy it to /compat/linux/usr/lib after
installing the flash9 and nspluginwrapper ports.  Oh and you still need
to comment out the IGNORE line in the flash9 port's Makefile too.

 There's also a cpuset/*affinity patch for RELENG_7 posted here,
6 doesn't have this code, so if the 6.4 linprocfs patch doesn't work for
you on an SMP box please also test with SMP disabled.  (Tho if you have
SMP you probably should be running 7 anyway. :)


PS: don't forget to mount linprocfs to /compat/linux/proc after updating it :)

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