error during installworld on 7.1 beta (was: error during buildworld on 7.1 beta)

Claus Guttesen kometen at
Wed Oct 15 13:27:08 PDT 2008

>> During installworld I get:
>> cat /usr/src/lib/ncurses/ncurses/../../../contrib/ncurses/man/ncurses.3x
>> > ncurses.3
>> sh /usr/src/lib/ncurses/ncurses/../../../contrib/ncurses/man/
>> /usr/src/lib/ncurses/ncurses/../../../contrib/ncurses/man/terminfo.head
>>  /usr/src/lib/ncurses/ncurses/../../../contrib/ncurses/include/Caps
>> /usr/src/lib/ncurses/ncurses/../../../contrib/ncurses/man/terminfo.tail
>> >terminfo.5
>> tr: not found
>> /usr/src/lib/ncurses/ncurses/../../../contrib/ncurses/man/
>> cannot open unsorted26711: No such file or directory
>> *** Error code 2
>> So it seems that $PATH is partially lost during installworld.
> What makes no sense to me is why I've never seen this.  How exactly
> are you doing the installworld?  Are you booting into single-user like
> you're supposed to?  Is root's shell /bin/csh?  Have you modified
> /root/.cshrc to do odd things?
> I can't approve the diffs because they're not what's truly causing the
> problem here.
> What is your $PATH, and from what sort of environment are you running
> installworld?  Are you using sudo, su2, su, or something along those
> lines?  Is this a cronjob?  Etc...

I discovered that the time on the server was not set so I synced it
against a ntp-server. Incorrect time has been the cause during
buildworld previously. I can try to perform a complete re-install and
see if I can reproduce the problem tomorrow.


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