FreeBSD 7-STABLE, isp(4), QLE2462: panic & deadlocks

Oleg Sharoiko os at
Tue Oct 14 23:02:04 PDT 2008


On Wed, 2008-10-15 at 01:23 +0300, Panagiotis Christias wrote:

> However, when we connect them to the CX3-40, create and mount a new
> partition and then do something as simple as "tar -C /san -xf ports.tgz"
> the system panics and deadlocks. We have tried several FreeBSD versions
> (6.3 i386/adm64, 7.0 i386/adm64, 7.1 i386/adm64 and lastly 7-STABLE i386
> - we also tried the latest 8-CURRENT snapshot but it panicked too soon).
> The result is always the same; panic and deadlock.

Try reducing the number of "tagged openings" with 'camcontrol tags' down
to 46. If it doesn't work try reducing it further to 2. Also be advised
that I've seen panics with geom_multipath in FreeBSD-7, unfortunately I
had no time to test it in -current.

Oleg Sharoiko.
Software and Network Engineer
Computer Center of Rostov State University.

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