am2 MBs - 4g + SCSI wipes out root partition

Fabian Wenk fabian at
Mon Oct 13 07:10:41 PDT 2008

Hello João

On 13.10.08 13:43, JoaoBR wrote:
> On Sunday 12 October 2008 06:57:11 Gary Jennejohn wrote:
>> On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 23:51:18 +0200
>> Fabian Wenk <fabian at> wrote:

>> > I do have a system with FreeBSD/amd64 6.3-RELEASE with 4 GB RAM
>> > and an Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 SCSI adapter (ahc) with only a tape
>> > drive connected. The disks are on an Areca RAID controller. Access
>> > to the disks and the tape drive does work just fine without any
>> > crashes.
>> This is interesting because the 29160 is exactly the controller with
>> which I had all my problems, but I was running it with disks only.

> I guess his MB is not an AM2 socket 

Right, my system board is a Tyan Thunder i7520 (S5360) server 
board (with only one Xeon single core CPU). The Adaptec SCSI is a 
PCI and the Areca RAID a PCIe controller.

I guess some more facts are needed to track this down. Does it 
make troubles with more then one CPU core and also more then 3.5 
GB RAM running on FreeBSD/amd64?

If yes, then I'm not surprised that only a few people see this 

I think the following informations would be needed to narrow down 
the affected environment:

- FreeBSD version 6.x, 7.x or 8-CURRENT and i368 or amd64
- make and model of system board
- make and model of SCSI controller and which driver
- on board SCSI controller or PCI / PCI-X / PCIe
- device types connected to the SCSI, eg. disk, tape
- number of cpu cores
- amount of memory

So for my system which works fine, this would be:

- FreeBSD/amd64 6.3-RELEASE
- Tyan Thunder i7520 (S5360)
- Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 SCSI adapter (ahc)
- tape drive (DLT-8000)
- 1 cpu core
- 4 GB RAM


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