cvsup 7.0 STABLE checkout failure

Shakul M Hameed smohideen at
Sat Oct 11 05:17:03 PDT 2008

I am trying to download 7.0 stable release through cvsup, but it fails. I tried changing the server, but still get those errors. 

----- ERROR -------

Checkout src/share/doc/psd/15.yacc/ss..
Updater failed: Error in
"/usr/home/moin/smbmount/code/SUPDB/sup/src-all/checkouts.cvs:RELENG_7": Cannot rename 
"/usr/home/moin/smbmount/code/SUPDB/sup/src-all/#cvs.cvsup-7219.0" to
"/usr/home/moin/smbmount/code/SUPDB/sup/src-all/checkouts.cvs:RELENG_7": No such filer or directory

---- SUPFILE -----
default stable-cvsup from /usr/share/examples/cvsup

pls, indicate what i am doing wrong here?

    - Moin

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