details on sata issues and mountroot prompt

Brian bri at
Fri Oct 10 21:57:00 PDT 2008

I have previously written about a mountroot prompt, here are some details.
I have a system with an asus m3a78-emh hdmi board, a 74 gig raptor 
drive, and a dual core amd am2 cpu.  I have had this result with both 
the amd64 and i386 systems.  My steps were all conducted today as follows.

install 7.0 release
run freebsd-update
get src tree
build world
build and install kernel
reboot and be greeted by a mountroot prompt.

It appears the drive numbering changed.  /etc/fstab has the drive 
partitions with the number 5, the subsequent reboot got me a number 8.

This is a test system not doing anything, so I can kick it any which way 
to test stuff.

Brian Whalen

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