Problem with dump stalling

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Thu Oct 9 05:28:12 PDT 2008

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> This was fixed on HEAD in revision 1.48 (March 13th), with the comment
> "MFC: 1 week".
> The commit to RELENG_7 did not happen until April 19th, see revision
> The PR referenced in the CVS commit is PR 117603.
> David, can you verify you're using a version of
> src/sys/kern/subr_sleepqueue.c that is or newer?
> If so, the problem David is experiencing is different.  If not, David
> will need to csup and then rebuild world and kernel (do NOT just do
> one; do both) to pick up the changes.
I have two identical machines the second one is displaying the same
problems.  I'm going to do a cvsup update and build work and kernel, the
only partition on this server that is UFS is the /boot/ partition as its
running ZFS on the others yet is still fails the dump that.

If there is anyone willing to dedicate some time to this problem I will
assist where I can?

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