Problem with dump stalling

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Wed Oct 8 11:20:27 PDT 2008

> Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 11:13:32 -0700
> From: Clint Olsen <clint.olsen at>
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> On Oct 08, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> > I had a system that was showing these exact symptoms David described. It
> > did this both with -L and without. I went for about 3 months without a
> > successful dump. I did at least two full system re-installs to no avail.
> > Then, about 3 weeks ago, when I was about to start some serious
> > debugging, it started working again. Nothing was touched between the last
> > failure and the first success. I'm completely baffled!
> I had a lengthy discussion with Jeremy about this where he lowered the boom
> on my expectations with UFS2 and dump.  I find the lack of a real
> incremental backup solution with the default filesystem in FreeBSD to be an
> alarming problem.

But it is a fairly unusual issue. We have a LOT of systems doing nightly
dumps and only this one had the problem. It lasted for just over two
months and simply vanished. I just wish I had some sort of explanation,
especially when snapshots (-L) are not used.
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