fxp performance with POLLING

Joe Koberg joe at osoft.us
Tue Oct 7 21:27:50 UTC 2008

Pete French wrote:
>> However, ethernet at 100Mbit is 4B5B coded at a 125mhz rate. So the raw 
> Errr, 4B5B *is* 10 bits per byte surely?
> ...
> Gig ether is mainly 8B10, as is Firewire, SATA, FibreChannel and a
> Mind you, it assumes that you know the real bit rate, which in the
> case of 100baseT is, as you say, actualy 125mbits/sec.

You are right. It definitely is 10 bits per byte clocked at a higher 
rate. I guess the "100mbit/s" rate is so strongly associated with the 
technology that I glossed right over that.


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