Is FreeBSD a suitable choice for a MacBook? --- WHY?

Dr. Aharon Friedman afriedman at
Mon Oct 6 15:18:28 UTC 2008

I am not sure why you would want to put FreeBSD on the Mac.  Mac is  
already FreeBSD.  Most of the FreeBSD ports have been made available  
to the Mac through Macports.  X11 comes with it, and Apple gives you  
access to the kernel source code.

If you must for some reason have FreeBSD, I recommend using a virtual  
machine software such as VM Ware Fusion (the are cheeper when you buy  
from Amazon - about $60).  It does work very well for me.  Although I  
use the Mac OS for all my Unix needs, I have installed a Windows XP  
Pro 64 bit for my Windows need.  You could create a Linux and / or  
FreeBSD virtual machine.  The software will even download it for you.

Aharon Friedman

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