Is FreeBSD a suitable choice for a MacBook?

Eirik Wixøe Svela eirik at
Sat Oct 4 19:56:34 UTC 2008

I have an Apple MacBook with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (November
2007 edition, cf. the Wikipedia article for specifications), and I have
been considering switching to one of the free UNIX clones for some time
now. I understand that Ubuntu GNU/Linux is supposed to work well on this
kind of machine, but I would rather use some variant of BSD if that is a
viable alternative.

I would therefore like to ask you whether anyone here has any experience
with FreeBSD, either 7.0-RELEASE or any other version, that they would
like to share so I might know what to expect if I choose to go through
with this. I have some time on my hands the next couple of weeks, so I
am prepared to spend some days tweaking things to work if it is worth
the effort, but if it isn't, I might as well take Ubuntu for a spin or
do a clean install of Mac OS X.

Best regards
Eirik W. Svela
OpenPGP key ID 0x46DCA4C4

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