make delete-old vs make-delete-libs

Dan Langille dan at
Fri Oct 3 22:24:58 UTC 2008

I'm wondering if these commands from /usr/src/Makefile are correctly 

# check-old           - List obsolete directories/files/libraries.
# check-old-dirs      - List obsolete directories.
# check-old-files     - List obsolete files.
# check-old-libs      - List obsolete libraries.
# delete-old          - Delete obsolete directories/files/libraries.
# delete-old-dirs     - Delete obsolete directories.
# delete-old-files    - Delete obsolete files.
# delete-old-libs     - Delete obsolete libraries.

 From the above, it appears as if 'make delete-old' is the same as doing:

make delete-old-dirs
make delete-old-files
make delete-old-libs

Running the command indicates otherwise.  In fact, make delete-old outputs:

 >>> Removing old files (only deletes safe to delete libs)


 >>> Old directories removed
To remove old libraries run 'make delete-old-libs'.

That indicates, to me, that only old files were deleted.  No old 
libraries were touched.

What's up here?  Which is right?


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