What has happened to the FreeBSD Forums?

Freddie Cash fjwcash at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 23:34:52 UTC 2008

On October 2, 2008 02:51 pm Ron Wingfield wrote:
>    My apologies in advance if this is an inappropriate "list question",
>    but . . .
>    What has happened to the FreeBSD Forum at
>    [1]"http://www.freebsdforums.com/forums/".  I am/was an infrequent
>    user/contributor to the forum . . .haven't been there in months, but
>    WOW!   what has happened to the moderation.   Why is there so much
>    filth and pornography posted there now?
>    The site server response is also abysmal.
>    Thanks for any info.,
>    Ron W.

The forums admin disappeared.  We lowly moderators (there were only two of 
us) had no ability to change anything in the forum setup.  We did the 
best we could for as long as we could to delete the spam entries every 
day.  Several of the users joined together to start a new forum, with 
multiple admins, and better anti-spam setup.  freebsdforums/bsdforums is 
all but dead.

http://www.daemonforums.org is where we all hang out now.

Freddie Cash
fjwcash at gmail.com

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