system hangup - I'm lost

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Wed Oct 1 04:53:14 UTC 2008

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

> I can't find anything on Intel's site that clues me in; all the PDFs
> are vague as far as what chips are on the board.

Have you tried the Product specifications?

Beginning on page 33 (43 of the pdf)

It has 3 different Server Management busses. the temperature part is
handled within a Baseboard Management Controller. This BMC is implemented
using a DS82CL10.
Because it is a Server Board it offers a lot of managing features and
other nice things like serial console at bootup and system monitoring
features... but all unsupported withn FreeBSDs software ;)

> P.S. -- You're the 2nd person I've encountered in under a week who's
> using 440BX/GX-based hardware in present day.  I would not be
> surprised if the board is simply going bad/failing due to age.  :-)

Hm - I'd wonder if this would be the case. I mean I'm using older
hardware (Tyan Tsunami S1830S, PII300, DAC960P, RAID-1 2*IBM DFHS S2W)
without any problems as router ;)

 Oliver Lehmann

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