7.1/6.4 Release Status...

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Fri Nov 28 11:52:39 PST 2008

Sorry, as usual I've not been very good about status updates...

As far as the 7.1-REL process goes two issues that got classified as
show-stoppers got worked out right around the time work on a security
advisory came along.  Progress on both releases got unblocked at the
same time so some work has been done with 7.1 (some folks have already
noticed the branch was done) but we focused a bit more on finishing 6.4.
We expect to get the 7.1-RC1 builds started Sunday.  If testing doesn't
turn up any more show-stoppers 7.1-RC2 will be done about 1.5 weeks
after RC1, and 7.1-REL will be done about 1.5 weeks after RC2.

6.4-RELEASE is done.  Details here:



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