RELENG_7 amd64; memory and vm.kmem_size

Jeremy Chadwick koitsu at
Fri May 30 07:05:34 UTC 2008

As has been pointed out on wikis, mailing lists, and even on IRC, ZFS
requires a bit of tuning -- specifically in regards to vm.kmem_size and
vm.kmem_size_max.  The opinion is: ZFS is memory-hungry.

On my home RELENG_7 amd64 box (2GB RAM), I could panic the system with
heavy I/O due to kmem_size being too small, until I used the following


I decided to upgrade the box to 4GB of RAM, since I was worried about
memory exhaustion under even higher loads (during heavy I/O with ZFS,
I'd often see the "Wired" value in top reach 1.3-1.4GB).

I received the RAM today, installed it, works fine.  I then chose to
adjust the vm.kmem_size and kmem_size_max settings to something larger,
which seemed like the logical choice.  I went with:


Upon reboot, the kernel immediately panic'd with the following message:

kmem_suballoc(): bad status return of 3.

I then chose smaller values (going with 2048M); same panic.

Can someone shed some light on this?  I'm guessing it's intentional;
from what I've found online, it seems to indicate that when the
kmem_size value is set too large, there isn't enough memory available
for allocation in other pieces of the kernel, hence the panic.

I'm worried that there's a limit of some sort being hit, and that
inadvertantly systems with lots of ZFS usage (multiple zpools comes to
mind), one will not be able to increase kmem_size past ~1.5GB, despite
how much memory is physically installed.

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