BTX loader hangs after version info

James Seward jamesoff at
Thu May 22 09:24:33 UTC 2008


Two days ago I csup'd my desktop at home, which was running RELENG_7
from about 7.0-RELEASE time, to bring it up-to-date (still on
RELENG_7). I followed my usual buildkernel/world procedure (the usual
one) which has worked fine all the way since 5.x. After installing
kernel and restarting in single user, it was working fine. However,
following installworld it will not boot.

It stops immediately after "BTX loader 1.00 BTX version 1.02", but
with the cursor on the line *above* the first "B". Nothing futher
happens, but the system responds to Ctrl-Alt-Del.

I have managed to start it using the install CD and csup'd back to a
version just before the commit to BTX that moved it to 1.02 (March
18th, I think). However, that version too hangs after "BTX loader 1.00
BTX version 1.01".

My desktop is currently building RELENG_7_0 to see if that will work,
but I won't know that until later as I'm at work and it is at home :)

The install CD (BTX 1.00/1.01) boots fine. Nothing else changed on my
system between the last successful boot and the unsuccessful one.

Any suggestions/advice for what I can try next, or what I can do to
help the troubleshooting process?

My desktop is an Athlon64 but I am using i386, on an Asus A8V-E Deluxe board.


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