Hard(?) lock when reassociating ath with wpa_supplicant on RELENG_7

Martin nakal at web.de
Sun Jul 13 18:21:36 UTC 2008

Hi Alexandre,

> You can panic the box by unloading if_ath.ko while wpa_supplicant is
> running on any form factor, so this one is not specific to the removable
> devices.

I am not talking about unloading kernel modules (I wouldn't unload
if_ath by force and complain about it). The panic is happening while
ejecting the PCMCIA card and wpa_supplicant is running.

The cbb(4) problem with the high load is much more annoying for me,
because the only solution is to reboot the system to get it stable

One thing I also noticed is that if I have set a high resolution with
vidcontrol (1600x1200) and the text terminal display becomes really
slow, ath(4) has difficulties to load the device when it is inserted
into the PCMCIA-slot.

Martin Sugioarto

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