WARNING: 7-STABLE BROKEN -- please wait to upgrade / Should be OK now

Kris Kennaway kris at FreeBSD.org
Sat Aug 30 09:56:00 UTC 2008

O. Hartmann wrote:
> Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> O. Hartmann wrote:
>>> Steve Bertrand wrote:
>>>> Dan Allen wrote:
>>>>> Well I got bit by this and am dead in the water.  Nothing builds.  
>>>>> I tried the DEBUG_FLAGS=-g trick but to no avail.
>>>> My 7.0 box upgraded fine this morning:
>>>> FreeBSD ids.eagle.ca 7.1-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE #0: Fri 
>>>> Aug 29 11:38:12 EDT 2008     steve at ids:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SMP  i386
>>>> The dmesg if it is relevant:
>>>> http://ww3.ibctech.ca/ids.dmesg
>>>> Steve
>>> Well, mine did not. I was capable of compiling world and kernel and 
>>> also capable of installing all things like I did in the past, but ZFS 
>>> seems still broken - the module does not load automatically at 
>>> initialization time nor is it loadable via kldload (there is an error 
>>> about missing opensolaris module but I can't find anything about this 
>>> module ...).
>> It's new, you need to build it.
>> Kris
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> Well, I hoped the 'buildworld' build everything process would do so? Do 
> I need an extra option in my kernel config?

It is a kernel module, it doesn't get built by buildworld (by default). 
  If you use the default build settings for your kernel, it builds all 
modules including this one.  If you use MODULES_OVERRIDE or similar to 
specify a list of modules to build, you have to add it to the list.


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