WARNING: 7-STABLE BROKEN -- please wait to upgrade

O. Hartmann ohartman at mail.zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Aug 27 16:00:35 UTC 2008

Too late for me, after a corrupted installworld dur to some unawareness 
my box is broken that way that I can't load zfs.ko anymore and so I 
can't mount ZFS pools. Trying to recompile everything ends up in a trap 
6, which indicates to me a broken compiler :-(

That's fun ...

Robert Watson wrote:
> Dear all:
> It looks like there have been several mismerges in the DTrace MFC.  
> We're currently assessing the damage to decide if it should be 
> entirely backed out, or if we can just do some selective patching up.  
> In the mean time, please don't try to update -- wait for an all clear.
> Thanks,
> Robert N M Watson
> Computer Laboratory
> University of Cambridge
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