changing a ports final destination via make knobs question...

chris# at chris# at
Tue Aug 26 19:55:58 UTC 2008

Given that the folks at PHP have decided that no one is allowed
to use PHP4 any longer. I've decided to *attempt* to install a copy
of PHP5 (cgi only) along side my already installed/configured, and
in use copy of PHP4 (apache_module, CLI, & CGI). I spent some time
attempting to find successful stories regarding my attempt. But all
were for different OS's, and most were *quite* dated. So I took a
stab at it, after looking at the Makefile in lang/php5. But it did
*NOT* end up where I thought it would. In fact, it clobbered
some of my PHP4 install. SO, please find here my desperate plea
for the make knob(s)/env options required to install a copy of
PHP5 (CGI) beside my already installed/working PHP4. I had tried/
hoped to simply create a --prefix=php5/, thinking that I'd end up
with: /usr/local/bin/php5/(php-cgi, phpize, php-config), and
/usr/local/etc/php5/php-ini-*, /usr/local/include/php5/*,
/usr/local/lib/php5/*. by way of the ports system. But I *clearly*
didn't set things correctly.

*Any* help/advice would be *GREATLY* appreciated.

Thank you for all your time and consideration.


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