Stable SATA pci card for FreeBSD 6.x/7.0

Sebastiaan van Erk sebster at
Mon Aug 25 17:53:28 UTC 2008

Hi everybody,

Thanks for all the help I got trying to figure this one out. I bought 
the Promise SATA300 TX4 PCI controller and everything is working 
smoothly now.

This means I now have the other controller left over:

[pciconf -lv output]
atapci0 at pci0:10:0:      class=0x018000 card=0x35121095 chip=0x35121095
     vendor     = 'Silicon Image Inc (Was: CMD Technology Inc)'
     device     = 'Sil 3512 SATALink/SATARaid Controller'
     class      = mass storage

I would like to donate it to FreeBSD developers working on the drivers 
for these cards if they want/need it (where do I need to send it)... 
Otherwise I'll just sell it on our local version of ebay.

Regards and thanks again,

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 09:49:25AM +0200, Sebastiaan van Erk wrote:
>> I was thinking of buying the Promise SATA300 TX4 PCI Controller. I've  
>> searched on google, and I do see some negative posts on them in  
>> combination with FreeBSD, however they all date back at least 2 years...
>> Does anybody have positive/negative experiences using this card?
> I have one of these cards (not currently in use; less stuff inside my
> FreeBSD box at home the better), and never ran into any oddities.  That
> was with 4 disks connected, each disk its own UFS2 filesystem.  ZFS
> wasn't available back then.
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