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Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Fri Aug 22 12:51:37 UTC 2008

We're about to start the release cycle for FreeBSD-7.1 and FreeBSD-6.4.
The proposed schedule for the "major events" of the cycle is:

	Freeze          August 29 
	BETA            September 1 
	Branch          September 6 
	6.4-RC1         September 8
	7.1-RC1         September 15
	6.4-RC2         September 22 
	7.1-RC2         September 29 
	6.4-REL         October 6
	7.1-REL         October 13

I haven't posted the schedule on the Web site yet, I'll try to get that
done over the weekend.

On Monday I'll switch RELENG_7 and RELENG_6 over to say they are
7.1-PRERELEASE and 6.4-PRERELEASE respectively as a heads-up that there
will likely be higher-than-normal developer activity MFC-ing stuff
before code freeze starts.  Odds get higher that if you do updates using
RELENG_7/RELENG_6 branches during this period you *might* wind up with a
tree that isn't quite right because you happened to catch it part way
through a developer doing a multi-step commit.

We had been procrastinating on saying definitively whether we thought
6.4-REL would be the last of the RELENG_6 releases to see how well
things went with 7.X (if 7.0-REL was a total disaster we'd have
considered doing a 6.5-REL).  It seems that 7.0-REL went well and
RELENG_7 in general seems to be in good shape so we now expect 6.4-REL
to be the last of the RELENG_6 releases.


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