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Wed Aug 20 18:15:31 UTC 2008

Andriy Gapon schrieb am 19.05.2008 16:15 (localtime):
> on 16/05/2008 19:48 Scott Long said the following:
>> There is no write support in UDF in FreeBSD.  When I wrote the fs code,

Should mount_udf work for UDF 1.02 DVDs?
Today I tried to check an unlabled DVD, which was suspected to be a 
vista copy, but I couldn't mount it:
mount_udf: /dev/cd0: Invalid argument
/dev/acd is completely broken for me since SATA drives... And burncd 
stopped working long time ago in FreeBSD 7 (ATAPI, ICHx).
Any hope to see these optical media issues beeing fixed for 7.1?



>> packet writing was the only way to do discrete writes, and it's very
>> hard to make that work with a traditional VM system.  Now with DVD+R,
>> it's probably worth someone's time to look at it (though the append-only
>> nature of +R means that there are still some nasty VM complications to
>> deal with).  Until that happens, mkisofs can be used to create a static
>> UDF filesystem.
> BTW, Remko has kindly notified me that Reinoud Zandijk has completed his
> long work on UDF write support in NetBSD. I think that porting his work
> is our best chance to get write support in FreeBSD too.

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