busybox port available (was Re: busybox and small scripting languages on FreeBSD...)

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at iet.unipi.it
Tue Aug 19 15:37:57 UTC 2008

replying to a thread of a couple of weeks ago...

I managed to build a reasonable subset of busybox (1.11.1)
on FreeBSD, you can find patches at


The linux-specific things (e.g. those relying on /proc or system
APIs that we don't have) clearly do not work, and I did not bother
trying to implement replacement for them.

But many userland commands do work and maybe they are useful to
have around in a small system.

A sample of the file sizes (the 'dec' column from the 'size' command):

   37136 work/busybox-1.11.1/shell/ash.o
   18492 work/busybox-1.11.1/libbb/appletlib.o
   18258 work/busybox-1.11.1/editors/vi.o
   17995 work/busybox-1.11.1/editors/awk.o
    9878 work/busybox-1.11.1/networking/httpd.o
    9289 work/busybox-1.11.1/archival/bzip2.o
    7609 work/busybox-1.11.1/editors/diff.o
    6378 work/busybox-1.11.1/miscutils/less.o
    6258 work/busybox-1.11.1/editors/sed.o
    6170 work/busybox-1.11.1/archival/gzip.o
    5367 work/busybox-1.11.1/editors/ed.o
    5317 work/busybox-1.11.1/archival/libunarchive/decompress_unzip.o
    5132 work/busybox-1.11.1/networking/wget.o
    4485 work/busybox-1.11.1/networking/traceroute.o
    4277 work/busybox-1.11.1/libbb/dump.o

overall, the binary in this configuration is around 330kb.


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